1. In Summary

We exist to help clients defer taxes and make great investment decisions. Most of our clients have sold or are in the process of selling investment real estate and they are looking to strategically reinvest their capital into income-producing properties while deferring their capital gains taxes under IRC § 1031 ("1031 exchange").

We have helped our clients complete well over $1 Billion dollars in real estate acquisitions, of which the vast majority were 1031 exchanges. (You can read testimonials here and see fully-subscribed properties here.) We guide clients through the entire 1031 exchange process, connect them to best in class resources, and source tailored real estate investments to meet their goals.

We can provide you with access to national contacts that we have vetted throughout the industry and with some of the largest buyers of commercial real estate in the country. Submit the form to the right to contact us or continue reading to learn more about the guidance we can provide you.

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2. Access Experienced Guidance

When you contact 1031Gateway you will be connected to an experienced registered representative who is trained to help you through the entire 1031 exchange process and provide access to both on- and off-market investment opportunities that may be customized to meet your specific investing and tax planning goals. The representatives that we have access to have been vetted and they benefit from a rich network of experienced tax, legal, and real estate professionals that can help you successfully navigate and complete your 1031, 1033, or 721 exchange to maximize the deferral of your capital gains taxes and reinvest in a suitable replacement property. Contacting us is entirely free and carries no obligation.

Fill out the form to the right and one of our reps will contact you within 48 hours or continue reading to learn about our investment properties.

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3. About Our 1031 Exchange Properties

We only recommend investment properties that meet the standards of industry-leading due diligence and are suitable to an investor’s unique situation; however we also provide access to and due diligence on other currently available investment property. In addition to properties that are currently on the market, we have access to many exclusive off-market investment opportunities. Fill out the form to the right to get access to currently available 1031 exchange properties.

We can often help an investor close escrow in as little as 2 –3 days. Many of the offerings that are available to our clients are pre-packaged with non-recourse financing in place (35–75% Loan to Value) and typically have initial net cash flows ranging from 6–8%. We also have exceptional access to sole-ownership net-leased (NNN or NN) property; bank-owned and other opportunistic commercial real estate; and investment offerings structured for a 721 exchange into a Real Estate Investment Trust (UPREIT)… Click here to keep reading about our 1031 exchange properties or keep scrolling for a list of some of the tools available on our website.

4. Tools to Help You Succeed

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Glossary of 1031 & Real Estate Investing Terms

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