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In the last recession, thousands of individuals who invested in real estate were brought to ruin by the predatory practices of large, self-interested real estate companies. Louis Swingrover, 1031Gateway’s founder, began his career in the real estate industry in 2003. Not long into his career, he witnessed the destructive consequences that other investors suffered as a result of misinformation and over-aggressive investment recommendations. Louis founded 1031Gateway as independent resource to provide other investors with clear information about real estate investing and to connect them with competent, honest professionals who put their clients first.

Since then, the 1031Gateway team has worked to do two things. First, 1031Gateway vets and develops connections with 1031 professionals, aiming to provide other investors a reliable connection to trustworthy 1031 experts. Second, the 1031Gateway team develops regular educational content covering all aspects of the 1031 exchange that are relevant to new and seasoned investors and professionals, explaining the practical and legal information that a 1031 investor should know about the 1031 exchange process, real estate investing in general, and related economic issues.

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How We Serve Fellow Investors


The primary way that we help other investors is by connecting them with trustworthy 1031 exchange property advisors and other industry professionals they need---specialists who actually put their clients’ interests first.

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We provide free and open access to an extensive list of available 1031 exchange properties from a wide-ranging group of third-party sponsors--each of our listed properties is supplemented by expert analysis and commentary.

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To help investors clarify their tax position, we offer free and open access to our best-in-class Capital Gains Tax Calculator and our convenient 1031 Timeline Calculator. Both can be embedded on your website without cost.

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We regularly develop educational content covering all aspects of the 1031 exchange that is relevant, accurate, and clear---our articles treat practical and legal details of 1031 exchanges, real estate investing, and economics.

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Our Team

Arthur Landry Arthur Landry Senior Editor
Lee Hultman Lee Hultman CEO
Elijah Cranford Elijah Cranford Communications Director
Tyler Miller Tyler Miller Senior Market Analyst
Jake Douglas Jake Douglas Controller