How We Serve Fellow Investors

Connection to Trustworthy Advisors
The primary way we help other investors is by connecting them with the 1031 exchange property advisors and other industry professionals that we trust—competent specialists who actually put the interests of their clients first.

1031 Exchange Property List - Open Access
We provide free and open access to an extensive list of available third-party 1031 exchange properties, for which we provide our own expert analysis and commentary.

Capital Gains Tax & 1031 Timeline Calculators
We provide free and open access to our best-in-class Capital Gains Tax Calculator, as well as a convenient 1031 Exchange Timeline Calculator, which investors can use to gain insight into their tax position. Both calculators can be embedded on other websites without cost.

Education - 1031, Real Estate, & Economics
We develop relevant, accurate, and clear educational content related to the 1031 exchange, real estate investing, and economics.

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