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Texas Healthcare Portfolio 2


Investment Highlights


Inland Texas Healthcare Portfolio 2 is an investment into three separate medical office buildings. These properties are located in Arlington and Houston. 

  • Year 1 Cash Flow 5.08%
  • Initial Occupancy 100.00%
  • Est. Time Horizon None
  • Yr 1. Cap Rate to Investors 5.65%
  • Investor Purchase Price $55,020,466
  • Total Offering Size $55,020,466

Loan Information


  • Yr. 1 DSCR 0.0
  • Loan-to-Value 0.00%
  • Hold Period DSCR None

Key Benefits

The properties are well located and have strong demographic numbers.

The properties are located near hospitals.

There are annual scheduled rent escalations in the leases.

There is no risk of foreclosure as this is an All-Cash investment.

Key Risks

The Houston properties are not certified by Medicare making them an out of network provider. This could decrease their chances of being reimbursed and limits potential patient pool.

The sponsor is not placing a large amount of money into their reserve accounts which could cause them to have a hard time covering Tenant Improvements.

All of the tenants are non-investment grade.

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