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The 3 Rules of a 1031 Exchange

Rule 1: Property Must Be Like-Kind

The property you’re selling and the property you acquire must be like-kind. In other words, they must both be held for business use, productive use in trade, or investment.

If you’re selling farmland and purchasing an apartment building, that’s perfectly fine as long as both are held for business.

But if you’re selling raw land to a developer in order to help pay for a vacation home, that doesn’t cut it. The properties are not both held for business, trade or investment purposes, so they differ in kind.

Rule 2: Equity and Debt Must Be Reinvested

To avoid capital gains taxes, the value of your newly acquired property must be equal to or of greater than the value of the property you’re selling.

Let’s say you’re selling property for $100,000, but the new property you’re buying is only worth $90,000. That leaves you with $10,000, which is called the boot. And the boot is subject to capital gains tax (which can be as high as 35%).

Rule 3: Titles Must Be Held By the Same Owner

Ownership records for both properties must be in the same name. This can be your personal name, or it can be the name of a pass-through entity, such as an LLC or Delaware Statutory Trust.

What Qualifies for a 1031 Exchange?

1031 exchanges can be used for a wide variety of asset types as long as they are like-kind. In fact, you can use a 1031 exchange to acquire multiple properties or even a portion of a larger real estate investment portfolio. 1031 exchanges are one of the most versatile methods of real estate investing.

Can I Use a 1031 Exchange For...

Purchasing a Business
Buying Raw Land
Construction Upgrades
Buying Investment Property
Stocks and Bonds
Purchasing a Second Home
Buying a Primary Residence
Partnership Shares

Why 1031Gateway?

During the Great Recession of 2008, real estate investments plummeted. Now, during the ongoing global pandemic, many businesses have been forced to shut their doors, leading to economic volatility, unemployment, and another slowdown in the real estate market.

This has led many to ask: Is real estate still a worthwhile investment?

The answer is emphatically: Yes.

Even now, real estate is less sensitive to the market fluctuations that can drag down stocks, bonds and other investments, making it one of the most stable options on the market.

But what kind of real estate you invest in matters more now than ever.

At 1031Gateway we search tirelessly for the advisors who continue to deliver reliable passive income, who promote widely diversified portfolios and that specialize in the kinds of essential businesses that have remained open through crises like the COVID pandemic: grocery stores, pharmacies, auto-repair shops.

At 1031Gateway, we connect you with a 1031 exchange advisor who will work to understand your financial goals and how to achieve them even through the worst of times.

How 1031Gateway Works

What do you do with my information?

After submitting your Investor Profile, we connect you with a 1031 exchange advisor in our network that we believe will best suit your particular needs and goals.

Who are the advisors in your advisor network?

The advisors in our network are trusted, vetted professionals that bring decades of experience across a wide range of real estate investment processes and structures: 1031 exchanges,  721 exchanges, 1033 exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trusts, REITs, and more.

How long does it take for an advisor to contact me?

We know your time is important, which is why we work only with advisors who can contact you within two business days. General turnaround time is less than 24 hours.

The 1031 Exchange Process

Before You Start: Find a Qualified Intermediary

Before you relinquish your property, you will need to identify a Qualified Intermediary for your 1031 exchange. You cannot accept payment for the sale yourself, otherwise it counts as a taxable event.

Relinquishing Your Property: You're on the Clock

Once you relinquish your property, you're on the clock. Proceeds from the sale must be transferred to your Qualified Intermediary, and you now have 45 days to identify a replacement property (or properties).

Acquiring a Replacement Property: Closing the Deal

Your replacement property must be acquired within 180 days of selling your property.

1031 Exchange Process

1031 Exchange Deadlines


If you have already sold your property as part of a 1031 exchange, you have only 45 days in which to identify qualified replacement properties. Answer a few simple questions and we will connect you with a 1031 exchange advisor who can help you find the right investment for you before you miss your deadline.

On average, advisors within our network contact investors within two business days. Our trusted advisors have access to diversified DST portfolios, shares of which can be closed on in as few as 1-3 days.

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1031 Exchange Companies

Our advisor network evaluates thousands of potential investment properties from many of the largest sponsors in the industry.

All properties below are currently closed and are not available for investment.

Fort Myers Multifamily

Fort Myers Multifamily


The offering is a Class B Multifamily property in Fort Myers, Florida. Built in 1988, with a second phase completed in 1997, the property is a m…

Loan-to-Value 53.74%
Year 1 Cash Flow 4.60%
Asheville Exchange

Asheville Exchange


The offering will purchase a Class A multifamily complex in Asheville, North Carolina. Developed in 2018, the 312-unit property has high-quality…

Loan-to-Value 56.44%
Year 1 Cash Flow 5.10%
Lakeside at Arbor Place

Lakeside at Arbor Place


This offering from ExchangeRight contains a single Class-B multifamily complex in Douglasville, Georgia.  The sponsor intends to finish pre…

Loan-to-Value 49.47%
Year 1 Cash Flow 6.98%
Bellemeade Farms Apartments

Bellemeade Farms Apartments

Capital Square Realty Advisors

The twelve apartment buildings that make up the Bellemeade Farms complex sits on over fifteen acres and makes up over 305,000 rentable Sq. Ft. D…

Loan-to-Value 57.07%
Year 1 Cash Flow 5.40%
BR Jefferson Place

BR Jefferson Place


Jefferson Place is a recently built garden style apartment in the Frederick country submarket of the Washington Metro area. Built in 2017, the p…

Loan-to-Value 58.24%
Year 1 Cash Flow 5.25%