Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care Overview

(S&P Rating: BBB-)

German-founded in 1996, Fresenius Medical Care offers innovative products, therapies, and care for patients with kidney failure and chronic diseases. In the United States, they have served over 190,000 patients and employ over 60,000 employees across 2,200 dialysis facilities, urgent care centers, and outpatient cardiac and vascular labs. Fresenius Medical Care is the largest vertically integrated renal company and top producer of dialysis equipment in North America.

Key Financials (2017)

Total Revenue:$21.35 billion
Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth:22.19%
Gross Profit:$7.21 billion
Net Income:$1.54 billion

Company Information

The Fresenius logo, a rated credit tenant in 1031Gateway's 1031 Exchange Investing Articles

With 110,530 employees and 3,654 clinics worldwide, Fresenius Medical Care offers dialysis products and services in more than 120 countries. By 2020, it is estimated there will be 3.8 million kidney patients worldwide due to diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Fresenius Medical Care plans to meet the demand with safe, effective and efficient therapies.

The company is currently focused on four trends: advances in medicine and technology, sustained growth in patient numbers, increase in concomitant diseases, and rising cost pressure in health care.

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