Our Rep Does His Homework | Testimonial

Our 1031Gateway rep is the best. We have been with him for about 3 years. Our investments with him are in public storage, apartment complexes, high rise office units, a Macadamia nut farm, an industrial bldg and retail units. ALL are performing as projected. Our rep does his homework better than anybody else I have met in the business. My questions to him are always...What do you like about the offer and what don't you like about the offer. He always gives me a straight answer. I even took him to a competitor's meeting once where he found the proposal to be intriguing and did his own due diligence on my behalf just to make sure it was every thing they said it was...Now that's customer service!

When he e-mails me at 11pm to answer an investment question, I know his dedication and commitment extends way past 9 to 5. You will find him very knowledgeable, honest and meticulous in his investment research. There is an old expression "NO ONE CARES HOW MUCH YOU KNOW UNTIL THEY KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE." That exemplifies our rep at Gateway. Please feel free to call me directly should you desire additional information. Good luck and make it happen...

Gary Cooper
Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Real Estate Investor
Huntington Beach, CA

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