No Attempt to Sell Me Anything | Testimonial

I have spent most of my career in investment banking and tired of seeing "bank first" mentality of sales of retail products to clients. This drove me to be a real estate investor, where I have heavily invested in the apartment sector. As I was looking to add more NNN-leased assets to diversify my real estate holdings, I found 1031Gateway almost by accident via an internet search which led to a very good introductory discussion a Broker. He did not attempt to sell me anything nor even push to find out what my net worth looked like. Some 6 months later, he contacted me with an opportunistic investment in real estate where his firm would subordinate their commission income to return of principal and preferred return for me (and other investors). I subsequently invested with him in several of those transactions and have referred numerous friends to his firm for those deals. He continues to search for alternative assets that have significant total return potential. He is patient and would prefer to have his clients invest elsewhere or stay in cash than chase over-priced and over-valued assets. His ethics are in my view above reproach, he truly believes that if he delivers for clients; clients will deliver for him in long run.

David F.
Former Investment Banker and Head of Asset Structuring for HSBC. Active Real Estate Investor.

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