Excellent 1031 Exchange Service | Testimonial

Now that we have been associated with your company over a year to handle our investments, I want to thank you for your advice, attention, information for my portfolios, both for my existing investments, but also the tremendous help in the Net-Leased opportunities. I had virtually little knowledge about Net-Leased investments, because most of my associates are involved in other securities. We came out of a 1031 exchange and did not want to invest in apartments again. We listened to your information regarding net-leased assets and found an investment that is very rewarding, in that there is virtually no management, the returns are quite satisfactory, and any instance where we need help with the entity management, you and your staff have taken the responsibility to help in the transaction. Your company performed excellent service helping us satisfy our 1031 exchange requirements, including setting up LLCs, negotiating with the seller, the various utilities, tax and code issues. We thank you for joining us in inspecting the two most important properties to give us confidence in our transaction. Dealing with lawyers to make sure everything was done regarding our Trust and the normal issues of selling one property and transferring the assets into other properties maintaining the 1031 status.

I strongly recommend the 1031Gateway experts to manage your real-estate investments. You can call me or email me for further discussion and we will be happy to assist you in your investments.

Best Regards,

Bruce Starr
Entrepreneur, Business Owner and former Apartment Owner
San Diego, CA

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