ExchangeRight Net-Leased Portfolio 2 DST

ExchangeRight NetLeased Portfolio 2 DST

[This offering is fully subscribed. This is provided as an example of one of the offerings previously recommended by advisors we trust.]


The ExchangeRight logo, sponsor of ExchangeRight Net-Leased Portfolio 2 DST, a fully subscribed offering at 1031Gateway.ExchangeRight Net-Leased Portfolio 2 DST is a portfolio of single-tenant, long-term net-leased retail assets that are 100% leased to investment grade credit rated tenants including Family Dollar and Dollar General. The properties are diversified over seven distinct markets in six states and are structured together to qualify for 1031 exchange replacement through a Delaware Statutory Trust.


This investment was structured as a Delaware Statutory Trust offering to allow both 1031 exchange and cash investors to participate. Depending on their investment basis when investing in the property, investors were able to utilize depreciation to defer taxes on a portion of the income derived from the property.


  1. Stable income from leases to investment-grade corporations that have performed well throughout the recession.
  2. Additional stability achieved through diversification of tenants and markets.
  3. Significant tax-savings as a strong 1031 exchange option.
  4. Potential long-term upside for a portfolio sale or 721 exchange roll-up option for clients, combining multiple portfolios of similar credit net-leased assets. 


This property continues to perform exactly as expected, providing steady monthly income and principal paydown inline with projections.

Cash Flow Return:


Total Yield[?]:


 Total Return:

TBD - Not Yet Sold

[Past performance does not guarantee future results. This offering’s results are not necessarily indicative of future recommended offerings. Real Estate Investing is subject to risk, including, but not limited to potential disruptions in cash flow, loss of principal, illiquidity, etc.]

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