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This is where we collect testimonials from investors and professionals who have worked with the experts at 1031Gateway.

Expertise in Macroeconomics

I have worked with a Gateway rep since early 2010. As a CRE lender and portfolio manager for the past 12 years with major international banks, I was looking for an alternative investment manager with expertise in macroeconomics as well as real estate...Read More

The Way Your Company Does Business

I've been invested through a 1031Gateway firm for 3 years. My payments hit my bank on time each month. Right now, I'm in Thailand, enjoying my retirement knowing I have no concerns about my finances. My rep and his staff have always taken care of any...Read More

Worth Your Time to Have a Conversation

We have searched long hard for an ethical, honest adviser, more interested in preservation of capital for his clients, and maximizing cash flow for retirees during the chaotic economic times facing us. Our Gateway rep is teaching us how to be more in cRead More

Our Rep Does His Homework

Our investments with him are in public storage, apartment complexes, high rise office units, a Macadamia nut farm, an industrial bldg and retail units. ALL are performing as projected. Our rep does his homework better than anybody else I have met in the Read More

He Has Kept His Word and Never Gone Back on It

I have been associated with my 1031Gateway representative since 2010 when we sold our self storage facility. At that time it was the largest deal we had ever done. To this day I don't know how I lucked out finding him but it was luck. We were going to doRead More

I Found 1031Gateway via Internet Search

I found 1031Gateway via internet search whereby a Gateway affiliate sent me various investment analyses and parameters to consider before making any investment. This intrigued me as I was looking for diversification in Real Estate. I decided to meet withRead More

They Are Also Wonderful, Caring People

My 1031Gateway affiliates have transformed my investing life in the six years that I have worked with them. They are also wonderful, caring people who are responsive, accessible, prompt and concerned about their clients' lives.Read More

Ethical and Knowledgeable

I have been investing in real estate, both in commercial and multi-family income properties for over 40 years. Almost all my assets are in self managed real estate. For the past six or seven years I have been liquidating some of my self-managed real esRead More

A Team That Truly Cares

For the past 30 years, as a small business owner, my husband and I were able to contribute considerably within our own retirement accounts. However, as busy workaholics, we had to be dependent on the advice given to us, by various "Financial...Read More

He Did Not Attempt to Sell Me Anything

I have spent most of my career in investment banking and tired of seeing "bank first" mentality of sales of retail products to clients. This drove me to be a real estate investor, where I have heavily invested in the apartment sector. As I was looking...Read More

I Feel Very Comfortable

I am happy to report that my 1031Gateway rep and I have had several mutual clients and he has always given them excellent service. I feel very comfortable when my clients choose him to help with their replacement properties. Read More

Investments Have Filled My Needs

I wish to thank you and 1031Gateway: 1031 Exchange Properties, Education, & Calculators for helping me invest my retirement funds to achieve the very good returns on my savings. As the very low interest rates and unreliable stock market was not dependable, investments with 1031Gateway: 1031 Exchange Properties, Education, & Calculators have filled my needRead More

As a Former HNW Bank Trust Portfolio Manager

As with many private client investors, tax constraints are a material limitation given low basis real estate, common stock, and other legacy holdings. As a former HNW bank trust portfolio manager, many such fiduciaries prefer to offer "industry...Read More

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