Seniors to Be Hurt by Paul Ryan Tax Plan

Retirees are financially vulnerable to rising prices, or inflation, which is one possible result of the GOP plan. If the proposal sets off inflation, many households would benefit from increasing wages and salaries. Meanwhile, some retirees would pay ...Read More

The Unintended Consequences of Tax Reform

If we eliminate 1031, deals will stop happening. That will cause property values to decrease. When property values decrease, then you can't even refinance out your equity and you're locked into the property and unable to sell.Read More

What the 1031 Exchange Does for the Economy

Ernst Young found that overturning Section 1031 would result in a hit of between $60 billion and $131 billion to the economy over ten years, in terms of the tax revenue and income that would be lost. Also, they predicted businesses would hold onto capiRead More

1031 Exchange in the Crosshairs of Tax Reform

Farmers, ranchers and investors (commercial and residential) who own and develop land will not be able to expense their land purchases, nor will they be able to exchange their land, buildings and equipment in the same way they can today. Retaining...Read More

Tax Reform Proposal "a Curse in Disguise"

Eliminating like-kind exchanges "would reduce liquidity in many commercial real estate markets, especially in states such as California and Washington, where the volume of deals under the 1031 exchange has been particularly large...Read More

What is "Tax Fairness"?

Tax Fairness is the principle that income should be taxed only when it is received by a taxpayer. Advocates believe it is unfair to impose the income tax on proceeds that are paid to actual expenses by the taxpayer or on “paper” gains...Read More

Congress Considers Repealing the 1031 Exchange

A repeal of the primary provisions that allow for tax deferral will also likely reverse many of the positive effects of the existing legislation that drive significant tax revenue in the first place. Moreover, taxing like-kind exchanges would cause...Read More

What is ''Budget Reconciliation''?

Introduction "Budget reconciliation" is a process that allows Congress to quickly pass tax, spending, and debt limit laws. Typically the Senate, which is supposed to be the "cooling saucer", allows unlimited debate. This means that...Read More

New CA 1031 Exchange Reporting Requirement (2014)

Starting in 2014, if you complete a 1031 exchange, and the property you relinquished was located in California while the property you acquired was located outside of California, you will have to file an annual report with the CA Franchise Tax Board. The Read More

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