Here you will find articles and other goodies that relate to the art & science of investing in 1031 exchange property. Find out whether a 1031 exchange is right for you to begin with, get to know the ins and outs of the 1031 exchange process, learn how to evaluate 1031 investment opportunities, get practical advice on assembling the right team of exchange & investment professionals, and more.

1031 Exchange in the Crosshairs of Tax Reform

Farmers, ranchers and investors (commercial and residential) who own and develop land will not be able to expense their land purchases, nor will they be able to exchange their land, buildings and equipment in the same way they can today. Retaining...Read More

Tax Reform Proposal "a Curse in Disguise"

Eliminating like-kind exchanges "would reduce liquidity in many commercial real estate markets, especially in states such as California and Washington, where the volume of deals under the 1031 exchange has been particularly large...Read More

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